I had a conversation with a friend who admitted that every time he sets a goal, it never happens. He said that on New Year’s Day he usually sets some type of goal and finds that by the end of January he’s either forgotten about it or he’s totally lost interest in going after it. It’s simply the fact that he’s not in the habit of achieving goals, he’s setting the wrong types of goals, and he didn’t make a committed decision to achieve the goal.

Most goals are made with good intentions but they’re made half-heartedly. They’re not taken seriously. New Year’s Resolutions are made because people are usually pretty tipsy and they’re just following the crowd. Most resolutions don’t survive the hangover.

The next question is, are they the right goals? Resolutions are usually something that we know how to do. No effort is required to do something we already know how to do except doing it. If there’s no growth involved or there’s no substantial benefit to it, we’ll never overcome our habitual behavior in order to achieve it. The right type of goal is one that you’ve never done before, one that you will only do once, and one that you want more than anything else, something you’re willing to give up all you have to achieve it and it scares the living doo-doo out of you. Yup I said doo-doo.

Our behavior is something that we need to change in order to achieve a goal. Have you ever wondered why people will go to the gym to lose weight, hire a trainer for a period of time, lose some of the weight and then gain it right back again with a few extra pounds for their efforts? There’re two reasons. First, they don’t believe they deserve the physical shape they want on a subconscious level and second, they’re forcing their behavior to change and not changing it at the subconscious level.

Behaviors are habitual and if we don’t get to the root cause of behavior, which resides in our Paradigm, our results will be short lived or never change. We can change our behavior by creating a new habit. But we have to connect with the new habit on an emotional level. If we want to achieve a goal of releasing some weight, then we need to get excited about the process. We need to write out all of the benefits of releasing that weight and then we need to do constant spaced repetition of the new idea in order to create the habit. Read the goal, write the goal, over and over again. One hundred times a day! I know that sounds ridiculous but it can be done. How bad do you want to reach your goal?

Create a GLORIOUS goal. Write it down with a date next to it. Read it, read it, read it. Write it, write it, write it. Make a plan and take action on that plan and low and behold, you’ll reach your goal before you know it.