When I first started studying personal development, I really wanted to share the knowledge I was learning with anyone I was associated with.  At that time I had dated a woman for a whole 2 weeks.  I started talking about the lessons I was learning and I started to understand the Paradigm that resides within us.

We all have a Paradigm.  It’s a part of our subconscious mind where habits reside.  A habit isn’t just smoking or drinking, or eating that chocolate cake when you know you shouldn’t.  It’s an idea or a group of ideas grouped together.  It’s what causes us to do things in routine.  It’s what allows us to do things unconsciously like driving a car or knowing where to place our fingers on a guitar’s fretboard to create the sounds we want.

The Paradigm controls so much of our daily activities I wouldn’t know where to begin to describe how powerful it is.  

I told my short-term girlfriend about the Paradigm and she got really upset.  I could see the tension in her body increase and she became very stern with me when I mentioned the word “Paradigm”.  I described how the Paradigm controls our body and she started saying “I don’t like that word.”  I found that amazing.

The Paradigm is really sneaky!  It lives in our subconscious mind where it’s safe and hidden from our consciousness.  When I described it to my girlfriend, her Paradigm didn’t like being outed.  The Paradigm resists change.  It causes us to stay in our comfort zone and when awareness of its presence is realized in our conscious mind it will do anything to keep hidden.  To keep things the SAME.  To stay in that comfort zone it’s built for us.  It will go to great lengths to maintain its security even if it means making us feel uncomfortable, anxious, and in severe cases literally sick.   That’s why my relationship with this woman ended abruptly.  Because my awareness and my ability to communicate what I know about the Paradigm caused her to feel so insecure around me.

In order to experience greater results in life, we literally have to work at changing the Paradigm.  Awareness and acceptance of its presence is the first step in making changes.  Understanding the Paradigm gives us the ability to understand why we keep doing the things we don’t want to do, and not doing the things we know we must do to effect changes in our results.  The Paradigm does not like being uncomfortable.

Reprogramming is what’s necessary.  I consider my Paradigm my operating system, and similar to Microsoft, daily updates need to be made in order to permanently replace bad ideas with good ideas.  To reprogram the Paradigm.  These ideas are expressed in a form called Positive Affirmations.

Constant and consistent repetition of positive affirmations and expression of gratitude is the key to changing the Paradigm, which will change your actions and subsequently our results.

I’ve been working at reprogramming my Paradigm for a long time and it’s going to be a constant process of daily repetition to keep reprogramming it for better and better results.  The sooner you start replacing the old programming with new updates and positive ideas of the possibilities you want to manifest, the sooner the results you want will become reality.

Let me guide you in reprogramming your Paradigm.