A goal is meant to make you grow.  It should be something new that you’ve never done before and something that you’ll only do once.  A goal should be HUGE!  It should excite you so much that you’d be willing to give up all that you have in order to achieve this goal.  It should also SCARE the heck out of you.  Why shouldn’t it?  After all, you’ve never done it before.

Imagine yourself with the winning LottoMax ticket.  What would your life look like?  Wouldn’t it be amazing?  What could you do for your family, friends, and people in your community?  What kind of things would you do for humanity?  It’d be AWESOME right?

Now imagine yourself having that life without buying a lottery ticket.  You CAN DO IT.  You have all the talent and ability to do so but you might be lacking the belief and the knowledge on what to do to get there.  That’s where personal development comes in.  You learn who you are.  You learn where you are at in life or with your business.  You learn what to do to find out where you want to go.  You learn what to do to make the changes you need to make in order to get to where you’re going.  You learn what it means to set goals.

Here’s the system:

  1. Create your goal.  Follow the 5 Phases of Goal Creation.  WRITE YOUR GOAL DOWN!
  2. Make a COMMITTED DECISION to achieve your goal.  Place a date for acquisition next to your goal.
  3. Create a plan. Planning is FUN!  It consists of all the steps you THINK you need to take to get there.  It could be the WORLD’S WORST PLAN but that plan is better than none.
  4. Take ACTION!  This is where Paradigms can take over if you’re not in control of your thoughts and block you from achieving success.
  6. 3Rs Review, Rethink, and Rewrite.  Create the next bigger, and bolder goal.

The system is as simple as it can be and you have to do it alone but you can’t do it yourself.  A mentor that has been where you want to go is someone to connect with.  They have the knowledge and experience we need to understand so we can move forward on achieving our goals.  A coach will help you too.  A coach will guide you on your path and bring you back to progressing.  The Paradigm is fraught with dangers and we all have blind spots that will sneak up on us and retard our progress.  A coach points out the blind spots and helps you leap over them.  Believe it or not, the work becomes easy and fun!­­­­