Are you spending money, or are you circulating it?  

There’s a huge difference.  The idea of spending comes from a lack mindset.  You spend money and it’s gone.  It’s definite.  There is no recovery.  You often wonder how much overtime you need to work in order to regain the money you just spent.  How difficult it is to recover your spent money is at the forefront of your thoughts all the time.  This sets the mindset to “Chasing Money”.  You look for the next $1.00 per hour more and switch jobs faster than you change your underwear.  When you chase money, it runs away.  

Money is an obedient servant.  It comes when it’s called.  It goes where you tell it to go.  It’s like a puppy.  But if you chase it, it runs, it’s a game for money, “Come and catch me if you can!!!” and it runs further away.  Always just out of reach.  You can see it, you can call it all you want, but if you chase it, it runs.

Changing to better consciousness allows money to be attracted to you.  Looking at money as energy it’s always being circulated.  You purchase your groceries and the grocer can use it to pay for the education of their children which in turn pays the teacher who could buy your products or services.  It’s constantly flowing.  You are worthy of having all of your needs met all of the time.  Therefore money flows, like energy, to you, through you, and is expressed by you.  Everyone benefits from this mindset.

Hoarding money does absolutely nothing.  It cannot go with you in the afterlife, it simply becomes the property of someone else until it is circulated to someone else.  Hoarding money borders on evil.  You’re stopping energy from flowing and that never lasts.  Something happens to cause the loss of that money.

Are you circulating your money on stuff, or are you creating something with it?  Stuff isn’t a bad thing but is that stuff helping you to express yourself, to grow, or to help someone else?  Is it helping you circulate more money?  Are you creating events that you can learn and grow from?  Are you circulating money that creates events that others can enjoy the experience of?  Events they can learn from and enhance their lives with?

When you circulate money, you’re creating a void in your bank account.  The void can’t remain.  There is always more money coming to fill that void.  The Universe abhors a vacuum and you’re creating a vacuum when you circulate money.  If you circulate it in service to others, others will pay you for your service.  You’ll sometimes receive money from a place that you would least expect it to come from.

Replacing thoughts of lack and limitation with thoughts of prosperity and abundance places a person on the path of greater prosperity in all aspects of life.  Health, wealth, and happiness.