I had a very interesting idea the other day.  I wrote an article entitled, “Thoughts, Feelings, Action, Results” and it came to me during a radio interview that our bodies are driven not by thoughts but by feelings.  This means that no matter what our conscious thoughts are, our bodies will act according to our feelings which are generated by our subconscious mind.  

Here’s the hanger.  Our subconscious thoughts, those that we have and which we are unaware of, it’s our Paradigm, are at the root of our feelings.  They are habitual thoughts ingrained in our subconscious minds.  Have you ever been in a state where you’re doing what you love but you’re doing it so poorly that you have to stand back and ask, what the hell is going on?  Have you ever asked yourself, “What is wrong with you today?”

Here’s what’s going on.  Your conscious mind is scattered, thinking about what’s next or what happened in the past and not focused on the moment.  You are not consciously aware of your emotional state at this moment.  This allows your subconscious mind the space to repeat habitual thinking and put your body into an emotional state that isn’t conducive to doing things well.  BUT, we can override our subconscious thoughts by consciously thinking better thoughts.

During the radio interview, we were discussing the struggle of losing weight, as the host was talking about, and keeping the weight off.  Here’s where I realized that it is the emotional state of the body that will make the changes happen and the only way to change the emotional state is to do constant, consistent, spaced repetition of a new idea.  What sort of ideas are you emotionally involved with?  When you look in the mirror are you saying “Man, do I need to lose weight!” or “I’ll never fit into a size 8 ever again.” or “I don’t have time to get into shape.”  Negative thinking produces negative emotions.  Negative emotions cause us to do things that are not good but make us feel good.  Going to the fridge and opening the door to let Ben and Jerry visit is an activity that feels good and gives us a short term of comfort for the moment but is not good for losing and maintaining weight in the long term.  It’s habitual thinking that we repeat that causes us to stay where we are.

We got into habits as children that often follow us through life.  We eat certain foods and we eat in a certain way and for a lot of people, that’s not healthy.  We try to make efforts to change what we eat and how we exercise but those changes are forced upon our subconscious programming and the act of forcing these changes to occur causes huge amounts of resistance from our subconscious mind.  There is great resistance to change from our Paradigm and the body is put into turmoil.  The desire is there but the programming is the reverse.

If you make the decision to release weight then the mindset must be in alignment with that desire.  the programming has to be altered.  Here’s what usually goes through people’s thoughts.  “I want to get down to game weight and keep it.  I’m determined to change my diet.  I’m determined to go to the gym on a regular basis.  I’m going to buy an expensive membership and the services of a personal trainer in order to make this happen.”  They do exactly that, (ask me how I know) and as soon as the sessions with the personal trainer end, so does the desire.  The workouts become boring.  The energy required to go to the gym becomes tedious and the desire fades and the weight returns.

This is much like the New Year’s Eve resolutions people make and usually don’t last past the hangover.  The mindset is not correct.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Make a committed decision that you’ll do what’s necessary to have the level of health you really want.  Once you commit, you’ll do what’s necessary.
  2. Write out a positive affirmation every day, non-stop for no less than 30 days.  It could go like this:  “I am so HAPPY and GRATEFUL now that my body has shed all but 175 pounds (enter your goal here) and is healthy, sexy, and strong.  My body is a delight to view and my spouse (or potential spouses) find my body irresistible.  I am happy and healthy and the food I eat helps my body stay in this amazing beautiful example of health.”  This causes the body to get excited about releasing excess mass.  The body starts to change actions and in some cases, we are not conscious of the changes.  Your body starts saying things like “Please don’t put that in my mouth.  I want to help you look and feel good.”  When your body is in a good vibration it’ll take action to keep it that way.  Your actions automatically change.  They are not forced upon the subconscious mind and the resistance is either very limited or non-existent.
  3. Upon arising in the morning look at yourself in the mirror, preferably a full-length mirror, and say out loud “Look at this amazingly sexy, healthy, attractive body I live in.  I’m so grateful for it because it lets me experience all the sensations I am exposed to. I LOVE my body and I want it to be healthy for all of my days.  I’m excited about its state of health and I will do all that is in my power to maintain this level of health” and get EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED with these ideas.  LOVE your body!  LOVE yourself!  No matter what your body looks like now or what you think about yourself currently.  See it as if it is already what you want it to be and who you want to become.  Do this for no less than 30 days. 

At first, this may sound like pure bullshit, and you may walk away from the mirror saying to yourself, “Yeah, when pigs fly.” but if you have the persistence, the burning desire to make changes, your subconscious mind will start to change its programming.  Constant, Consistent, Spaced Repetition is the key.  You will soon see changes in your body that are real and pleasing and your efforts will become easier and easier and will be rewarded with the outcomes you want.  I guarantee you that once you’ve gone through this process for 30 days it’ll be a good habit that you’ll repeat every day for the rest of your life.  Exchange old bad habits with good new habits and change will occur.  Good changes.

Now imagine yourself doing this process with everything else including your lifestyle, career, hobbies, family, etc.  The list is endless.  Get emotionally involved with the end results you envision for yourself and watch it unfold before your eyes.  Let me help you get there.  Let me guide you to learning how to reprogram your subconscious thinking.  Make a decision that will affect huge changes in your life and visit the contact page on my website.  Send me a message and we’ll get started with a FREE 30-minute discovery session.  Your new life is waiting for you.  Let’s get moving on it before any more time flies past you.