Setting a Plan and Taking Action

What is a plan anyway?  Just a list of steps someone thinks they need to take in order to succeed at manifesting any mission or goal.  So how hard is it to create a plan?  I think it’s dead easy.  It’s a matter of getting into a really relaxed state of mind and asking yourself, “What do I need to DO in order to get there?”  Notice I didn’t say anything about what needs to be known.  The fact of the matter is that you can know EVERYTHING there is to know about how to get somewhere but if you don’t do anything, well you’re just hoping and wishing.  Let’s face another fact too, and that is if you already know HOW to do something, there’s no growth.  You’re moving sideways.

By now you should have a goal.  Something that’s outrageous.  Something you’ve never done before and your Paradigm is screaming “You can’t do that!!!” and it scares you but excites the hell out of you because you know you’re going to make it turn into a reality.  This goal should be something you’ve never done before and you’re only going to do once.  Once you’ve reached this goal, you’ll now know that you can do anything!

What does this have to do with your plan?  Well, first off, you can’t have a plan if you don’t have a destination.  It’s like backing out of your driveway and saying “Where to?” and not know which way to turn.  Your goal is the most important thing you can have.  Without a plan though, it’s like setting a ship on the ocean, telling the captain to sail the ship to a distant country and taking away the rudder.  Your ship always ends up going in circles or worse, on the rocks.

Your plan is simply a shopping list of what you THINK you need to DO.  Then you take that list and prioritize it.  Then you start on step one and you don’t stop until you’ve completed the step.  You don’t move on to the next step until the previous one is accomplished.  You can only do one step at a time and therefore you have to focus all your attention on that step so that it gets done.  Increasing your will power is what’s necessary.  Will is one of our higher mental faculties that we’ve let atrophy.  This thing called “multitasking” really kills the will.  It’s taught us to get distracted from what we are focused on very quickly and often.  When we get distracted quickly and often and that kills our efforts to complete one step.  Remember, it could be the world’s worst plan but as long as you are taking action on a step of a plan, you’ll achieve your goal.

Writers run into this problem and put it down to “writer’s block” but it’s actually just distractions.  A good writer will sit down to write, whatever they decide to, a page, a paragraph, a sentence, in however long they want to spend in writing and not stop or allow themselves to get distracted until the job is done.

We can strengthen our higher mental faculties through practices and use.  It’s a matter of deciding which one to work on, how to work on it and how long to do so.  Along with taking action on your plan, strengthening your higher mental faculties is a matter of adjusting the Paradigm.  Taking action will cause fear, which is caused by thoughts fixed in the Paradigm.  Without adjusting the Paradigm, your chances of success in any endeavor are seriously hampered.  Ask your coach about that.  If you don’t have a coach, contact me.  I’ll line you up with the best coach I know.