You have to do it by yourself but you can’t do it alone

There has never been a truer statement.  How many millionaires do you know who did it all by themselves?  All wealthy people rely on teams of people to help them attain the wealth they desire.  They become exceptional leaders.  But they couldn’t do that without first becoming exceptional followers first.  They hire coaches to help them find their blind spots.  They’ll have a business coach, an image coach, a financial coach, and a mindset coach to help them.  All of these coaches teach them about different aspects of their lives.

You cannot become wealthy by working a job.  By trading time for money.  There’s an inherent danger in trying to do that and I speak from personal experience when I talk about this.  You run into saturation.  That’s when you cannot possibly spend any more time at working your job or business in order to earn more.  You can’t help more people when you’re already spending 80 hours a week serving the clients you already have or working 60 hours a week to collect overtime pay.  Let’s face it.  Trading time for money is not a good way to earn an income.

Now we have to change our mindset.  We have to re-evaluate how we earn money.  Wealthy people don’t become wealthy by trading time for money.  They set up Multiple Sources of Income (MSI).  They either build a business by branching out, either across a city, province, country or globally or they start more than one business and attract and inspire people to come and work for them.  In order to do that you have to become the exceptional leader that lives in you.

I cannot tell you how important it is to have a coach in your life.  You can’t see your blind spots.  Thinking in reverse is detrimental to moving in the direction of your goals and dreams.  Setting up MSIs isn’t rocket science.  It just takes good guidance and a change in mindset!

Here’s to your successes in 2019 and may you have plenty more in 2020!