Are You Facing A Success Ogre?

How big is your Paradigm? Do you know that you have a Paradigm? Yeah… You do! Everyone has them but 95% of the global population are totally oblivious to it. It hides in our subconscious mind where it lives happily controlling 96% to 98% of our behavior?

The Paradigm is a nest of habits that we’ve accumulated during our lives. A habit is an idea, or set of ideas, that are engrained in the subconscious mind. They’re our beliefs, our self-image, they control our logic and, as I said, they have almost exclusive control of our behaviors. Our results are a direct reflection of that Paradigm and if we don’t like our results, we have the God-like ability to change them.

What kind of a Paradigm do you have? Is it an oversized Ogre (Picture Shrek on steroids and in a permanent foul mood) that does everything it can to keep you in your comfort zone when you’re trying to create a more prosperous, healthy, wealthy and happy life? This guy will stop at nothing when you decide you want to take a risk and step out and create something amazing. It’ll throw you all the excuses you need to give up on your dream. “You’re not smart enough to do that!”(Yelled in a Scottish accent), “You’re not good enough to do that!”, “Who do you think you are?”, “You’ll lose your shirt!”, “Your family and friends will think you’ve gone CRAZY!”, and “You’re too lazy to make that happen!” You can let that nasty Ogre take control of your emotions and cause you to LEAP back into your grove of complacency, curling up in the fetal position and sticking your thumb in your mouth, or you can take control of your thoughts.

Depending on your mindset, your Paradigm can completely destroy your wealth, health and happiness or it can propel you to HUGE degrees of success. The good news is that by creating a new mindset, you can turn your Paradigm into something smaller by doing some simple mental exercises and creating an image of what you want to manifest in your life.

You can turn you Paradigm into something that’s at your feet and when you step on it, Holy Hell, what a scene. Picture a little Sh………ih Tzu nipping at your pant leg or yapping it’s little head off. You can pick it up, pat it on the head and tell it that it’s coming with you whether it likes it or not and if it’s good, you’ll give it a cookie later on and move forward on your dream.

The Paradigm is quite insidious. It’s hidden away in the recesses of your subconscious mind and without proper knowledge or without the guidance of someone, it’s likely that your chances of changing your Paradigm will be small. A mindset coach is a great asset to have in changing the direction of your life or creating a more prosperous and wealthy life.