The 3Rs.

What are the 3Rs?  Simply, Review, Rethink and Rewrite.  It’s a process, that if you do it on a regular basis, will give you huge advantages in business and your personal life.  As the year draws to a close, it’s IMPERATIVE that you and your teams perform this incredibly important exercise.  Without doing so you’re just setting your business or yourself up for a repeat of this year, which was a repeat of last year, which was a repeat of the previous year.  Make a decision and make change.

Reviewing isn’t a matter of sitting at the bar with a co-worker and commiserating over all the things that went wrong during the day.  It’s a matter of purposely stopping at the end of the day and making space to think about and write down the really good things that happened and rejoicing them.  We spend far too much time putting ourselves in a negative state of mind by only seeing the bad stuff.  There is a Universal Law known as the Law of Polarity.  There is no such thing as a down without and up, an inside without an outside, a left without a right, and most importantly a negative without a positive.  For every negative thing that goes on in your life, or business, there is an equal positive thing to balance it out.  Our brains are hard-wired for survival and therefore they will instantaneously recognize the bad things in any circumstance and give you all the reruns you’ve accumulated in memories during your life.  The positive things in any circumstance are often occluded by our negative beliefs and memories.  We literally have to go looking for the good.  So, if we don’t make time to recognize them, we may never see them.  It takes time and work but it is really rewarding to go looking and find them.

Rethinking is simply taking what you reviewed and saying “How can we do better?”  For everything good, there is a way to make it better.  What can you do better today than you did yesterday?  If you did it better what would the benefits be?  If you don’t do them better will your results be better?  How many ways of serving more people can you come up with?  How can you make someone else’s life better?  Come up with solutions for today’s challenges.  Challenge someone to help you manifest those solutions.  Who can help you with those solutions?

Rewriting is pretty self-explanatory.  You can think about all of this stuff, you can think about what you’re reviewing, you can think about what you’re rethinking, but without writing it down, it’s just vapour.  Thoughts are things but they are made of energy.  They’re fluid and morph and change as we think them.  Now if we’re going to spend all this time reviewing and rethinking, wouldn’t it make sense to write them down so that you can go back to them tomorrow and make them happen?  It is such a great exercise.  It has the power to lift your life, personally or professionally, or your business to heights that you cannot imagine currently.

But here’s the kicker.  Your Paradigm will resist you doing this.  Yup, you’ll do it for a day or two, and you might manage to get to the end of the week. Without changing your Paradigm chances are nothing will change.  Things will stay pretty much the same.  A coach and a mentor in your life will help to make all of these changes you want to manifest.  They’ll show you blind spots you don’t know exist.  The small investment in a coach will return huge dividends.  Think seriously about this.