“Pain pushes until the vision pulls” ~ Reverend Doctor Michael Bernard Beckwith

I love that saying.  The pain pushes until the vision pulls.  We’re not talking about physical pain, although pain on a mental level will create physical pain in the body and on the spiritual plane as well.

Overthinking, micromanaging, bottom line blindness, are all things that we can suffer.  Regret, remorse, disappointment, dissatisfaction all cause pain that we don’t need to suffer.  Negative thinking and using our imagination incorrectly will also cause stress in our bodies which in turn causes dis-ease, which is a body that’s not at ease.  By simply taking responsibility for ourselves and our thinking, giving us the ability to respond and stop the thoughts of blame and shame which are reactions, we can change the trajectory of our lives.

The pain pushes until the vision pulls.  What can you envision?  This is how we use our creative imagination correctly.  If we can imagine what our lives would be like without pain, we’ll direct our actions to that end.  If we use our imagination to see the future we want and get emotionally involved with that idea the vision will pull us out of pain and into action to manifest what we want and as Dr. Beckwith says, “The cosmic 2X4 won’t be hitting you as hard.

So now the question is, are you manifesting what you want or have you slipped into complacence because you don’t believe you can have more?  People tend to give up when run up against a roadblock or obstacle.  I was there.  Now I can’t stand that idea.  Roadblocks are tests to me.  When I learn how to overcome the roadblock, I’ve grown and passed the test.  Positive thinking removes stress.  The tests that life passes you become trivial and nothing to fear.  Actually, I look forward to challenging circumstances.  I know I’ll learn something new.

Don’t let the pain keep pushing you.  Start walking in the direction of your dreams and your pain will be gone.