Just like your body needs exercise to stay healthy and strong, your mind needs to do the same.  I can speak from experience that if we let our minds atrophy, the damage can become very painful and cause our lives to be failure after failure.

So how does one exercise the mind? It’s simply becoming aware.  Becoming aware of your wants and desires.  Becoming aware of your current results.  Becoming aware of how to change your results into the results you want.  It takes waking up and putting a halt to just doing whatever comes next.

Exercising your mind, like exercising your body takes effort and unfortunately for a lot of people the effort is too great, and changing their results is virtually impossible because of their mindset.  It’s a vicious circle.  A Catch 22.  Do the work or stay the same.

We create habits that we repeat on a daily basis.  Get up in the morning, take care of business in the bathroom, grab the papers from the porch, sit down with your coffee, read the headlines, get mad at what’s being read, go to work, do your work, come home, eat dinner, watch TV, go to bed and repeat.  Day in, day out, our habits stay the same, therefore life stays the same.  Dull, monotonous, dreary, boring.  We seem to never get ahead and our dreams of freedom and easy living are left to burn on a funeral pyre.

I lived my life like this.  It was only when I took control of my mind that my life started improving.  It’s when I decided to create a habit of exercising my mind on a daily basis that things started to change for the better.  It’s when I trashed the thoughts, the habitual thoughts, of lack and limitation that I started to experience greater prosperity and co-creation.  Yes, there are circumstances that I have to deal with every day that brings back some of the thoughts of lack and limitation but they are few and fleeting.  

Make a decision to learn how to exercise your mind.  You’ll make some radical changes that you never thought possible.  All it takes is an hour a day to make the changes you want to make?  Are you willing to create the effort and spend that time?  Then you’ll see better results faster than you can imagine.