For the majority of my existence on this planet, I have been missing out on understanding my spiritual connection.  I was, at one time, agnostic about spirituality.  I felt there was no such thing as God or some higher order of intelligence that governs this universe.  I was raised Roman Catholic but I didn’t believe that there was the old, white-haired fella with a long beard sitting around in some long white robe waiting to pass judgment on me and that there were places like heaven or hell that no one has ever found out in the cosmos or deep underground or anyone has ever experienced to say they are real places.  But I always thought that there is some form of energy that connects everything.  As in “The Force” like a Star Wars movie would call it.  I called it Nature.  There were magical things that happened in my life that I couldn’t explain.  Connections that I just knew were there, but how the connections happened or why these magical things occurred was a mystery and I walked through life wondering if there indeed was a higher order of intelligence trying to communicate with me and act through me.

One of the truths that have awakened me is simply that I AM a spirit, the soul, the mind that resides in the flesh, bone, blood, and guts suit identified by the label “Steve”.  They are all one and the same.  The Spirit, the Soul, and the Mind. I have an intellect that I use to make sense of this physical realm I’m visiting.  I am just a fragment of the larger Infinite, omnipresent, intelligence that has a purpose for placing me here.  It’s my job, while I exist on this mortal plane, to discover, and manifest what that purpose is.  All the while gathering the wealth, health, and happiness that I deserve. 

No one can see who I am except me.  The physical form that I reside in is less than 10% of the whole of me.  I am so huge, so vast, so gigantic, that I can accomplish all that I want to accomplish.  So is everyone else on the planet.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where do these thoughts come from?”  I’ve asked this all my life and thanks to Bob Proctor and Michael Beckwith I now have answers to this question.  My mind resides in every cell of my body.  you can’t see my mind in an individual cell but you can be sure I’m there.  Without me, the spirit, the mind, the energy of the body, the body can’t stay together in the arrangement of cells I own.  Thoughts are energy.  They’re fluid and come and go.  But who or what creates these thoughts?

A lot of people would say, “It’s my brain.” but that’s not true.  The brain is nothing more than another organ of the body.  Without the mind, the spiritual entity, the energy that glues cells together, ME in this body the brain would cease to function.  All of the cells would disintegrate into their constituent elements and return and be absorbed by the planet.  The brain is the most important organ.  It’s a translating and transmuting station.  It understands the energy that is thought, it takes that energy and transmutes it into electrical impulses that cause the body to act with or without conscious effort.

As for heaven or hell, well we can’t say for certain that we will experience either of these places in the afterlife, but here on the physical plane, we can definitely create a living heaven or a life of hell for ourselves just by the way we perceive and think about things.  Our perspective is one of the higher intellectual faculties we can use to our advantage and change the way we see our circumstances.  We can eliminate worry and doubt from our conscious thoughts and replace them with confidence and happiness to create the kingdom of God here on earth, which is how I understand scripture, while we exist.

Imagine this.  Every individual on this planet, all 7.5 billion of us, is a fragment of Infinite Intelligence.  What if we all got together and co-created that which Infinite Intelligence wants us to collectively manifest?  What would it mean to the world if all of us learned this truth and we worked together to understand our purpose and to manifest it?  What secrets would we collectively uncover?  What would it mean to humanity if we worked peacefully, in harmony, and respect?  How would all of our lessons during the last billion years come together?  What would our world look like?

I believe that we would have the utopia that all scriptures write about.  We can create a heaven here on earth.  The kingdom of God.  Co-creation is the key. Can we co-operatively envision a dream of how we want to live and make that happen?  I believe we can.

For most people having a vision is something we don’t allow ourselves to do.  Using our creative imagination incorrectly and manifesting all the things we don’t want.  We are conditioned to worry.  We are taught that there is lack and limitation all around us and that in order to have more we need to be extraordinary individuals and nothing can be further from the truth.  

Given our spiritual core, we can indeed have all that we envision.  But what are we envisioning and how much time do we give to using our creative imagination correctly?  Our conditioning won’t allow us to do that.  We believe that creating fantasies is ok for little children but not for adults. But creating the fantasy of how we want our lives to be is the beginning of growth.  We have to grow into our goals.

As with anything worth pursuing, practice is necessary.  We have to practice changing our negative programming into POWERFUL programming.  We have to practice taking action on our wants and desires.  We have to practice emotional connection to our wants and desires.  We have to practice being in love with our ideas and every human on the planet.  When we get into the habit of practicing these actions, that’s when miracles happen.