There’s a huge difference in the size of the bottom line between companies that motivate employees and those that inspire team members.  The bottom line of any company is dependent on how many people the company serves.  That’s not just your customers it’s also your company’s biggest asset.  Your people.  You’re serving your people by employing them and they’re serving you in doing the work.  It can be a hassle-free, synergy.

A company is people.  It’s not just the brick and mortar physical entity that contains lots of neat machines and computers and stuff, it’s the people.  Take the people out of a company and nothing gets done.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard about companies downsizing because dealing with people is what they consider to be “a hassle.”  They go from a company of 20 employees down to 5 in order to make the employees more “manageable”.  These companies do not realize the power that they have in the people they discharged.  They also get into the grove of complacency and the bottom line stays stagnant or grows minimally year after year.  But it’s comfortable.  The owner’s needs are being met.  Their mortgages get paid, their car loans get paid, their kid’s tuitions are taken care of so they don’t need more.  They’re settling.  It seems to be a Canadian disease to settle.  To them making themselves, through growing their companies, more prosperous, their employees more prosperous, and their communities healthier and happier means giving up more time to work their business harder.  That, to me, is selfish thinking.  They don’t have to work any harder than they are right now.  What they don’t realize, if they give up the idea that trading time for money is the only way to earn income, is that helping others achieve their goals will allow them to achieve theirs faster.

“Dealing with people” is no more difficult than stepping out of bed in the morning. You get from people what you think you’ll get.  If you believe it to be a hassle, you’ll get a hassle.  Wrong side of the bed.  Your people will respond to your beliefs.  If you believe it to be fun and exciting, you’ll have fun and be excited and so will your people.  Right side of the bed.  By the way, how you get out of bed in the morning sets the tone of your day.  Just in case you were wondering.

Like anything, how we deal with people is something we’ve been conditioned to do.  The good news is that if you want to be more prosperous, have more fun, and be more excited, you can change your conditioning.  You can also change your people’s attitude by educating them on what attitude is.

Most companies hire people, get them to punch a clock, give them a task to do and try to motivate them to do the tasks by offering them incentives, overtime, bonuses, and benefits.  These companies look to the spreadsheets to figure out how much more they can grow in the next year based on results from past years.  The look to tweak processes, improve products, and possibly cut corners in order to increase the bottom line and stay ahead of the competition.  Companies that are really wealthy, on the other hand, have learned what it means to “Think Outside the Box”.  They don’t hire people, they INSPIRE people.

The really wealthy companies have a huge, outrageous, magnificent, wonderful goal to achieve and offer wages that are higher, and not by a little more than the competition, a LOT more.  They inspire their people to do better for themselves.  Instead of punching a clock and doing tasks, owners and managers have learned to create goals and bring their teams together to co-create actions to achieve those goals.  This is inclusion.  This gives the team members a sense of being valued.  The ideas of how to manifest those goals come from the team members.  They’re expressing their creativity.  Managers meet with team members and instead of talking about the work, they’ll talk about helping the team member improve the quality of their lives.  The company will invest in personal development programs that they GIVE to every team member and host meetings to study these programs.  The consequences of doing these things is simply a happier, healthier team that does their work joyfully and efficiently.  Work flows through the company.  Higher productivity, greater quality, and a WAY bigger bottom line is the effortless and hassle-free result.