Conception is still a mystery.  No one knows what magic there is that takes a spark of energy from your mom and a spark of energy from your dad and how it combines to create you. Yes, we understand the genetic mechanics.  We theorize how the two strands of DNA combine and start a cascade of events that causes cells to grow.  But no one except God understands how we emerge from that coupling.  I think this needs the explanation that we exist on 3 planes of understanding.  We live simultaneously on the spiritual plane, the intellectual plane and the physical plane.  We are spiritual beings, residing in a physical form known as our bodies, and we have an intellect that we use to understand this physical world.

One thing that I am certain of, I am afraid of living in poverty.  I don’t think that I received that knowledge from my parents because the last thing my parents taught me was anything to do with money.  I learned about money and how to manage it when I reached the age of 40. I had no idea that I was supposed to save it for retirement.  I had no idea that I would need money when I was too old to earn it but I did know that I didn’t want to live in poverty.

I swear that was genetically engrained in me.  I didn’t mind getting into debt, which is probably worse than living in poverty, but I hated the idea of not being able to pay my bills.  My parents were exactly the same way.  My mom would spend money faster than my dad could earn it and that caused quite some arguments while I was growing up.  I loved spending more money than I’d make but I’d get completely freaked out when my visa bills arrived.  It was so bad at one time I became suicidal.  How these ideas came to me I have no clue.  All I know is that they were not my ideas.

Through personal development I discovered that genetic programming transfers all the knowledge that our ancestors, some thousands of years ago to the present, have gathered.  That also means the fear of poverty my dad had.  His last words to me were, “I hope there’s enough money in the bank so mom can burry me.”  Can you imagine worrying that much about money?  I believe that my dad’s fear of poverty is engrained in my DNA.

Genetic programming is how we became really good at surviving and adapting our environment to suit us.  It’s also why we look so much like our realatives.  Now that I know this, I know I can change the mental programming.  I no longer spend more money than I make but I make more money than I can spend. That’s a better equation.  There is an abundance of wealth to be had and we can all tap into it.  The government prints more money every day.  We’ll never run out of it.  The idea that there’s only so much to go around is ridiculous.  Our conditioning causes us to believe that.  But through constant spaced repetition I’ve managed to reclaim my mind and reprogram it for acquiring abundance.

The genetic conditioning is still there but now when I get the urge to spend money I ask, “Do I need this or do I just want this?” It’s an honest question.  If I need it, I’ll buy it.  If I only want it, I’ll probably buy it but I know that I already have the money to cover the expense.  I’ve learned to accumulate money through multiple sources of income and by serving many people in the process.

The Paradigm can be changed.  The genetic programming is something I can’t change but I know that I can control what I’m thinking.  I’m actually Thinking Into Results.  The results I want.