Our Paradigm really controls us. The Paradigm is a nest of habits that we’ve accumulated during the course of our lives and a habit is an idea or group of ideas that are fixed in our subconscious mind. It gives us our self-image, our logic, our fears, our beliefs, and a host of other things that control our behaviour. Almost all of our behaviour is habitual. Most people aren’t even aware that they have a Paradigm. I know I didn’t know until I was 51 years of age.

I equate the Paradigm as our Operating System.  The programming that we use during the entirety of our lives. The results we are experiencing is a direct result of that programming. Most of it is virus code. Are you achieving the results you want; or are you continually experiencing results that you don’t want? Either way, your Paradigm is what’s controlling the actions that are giving you the results you’re experiencing.

Your past actions are the actions that brought you the results you have currently. The actions that you are creating in this very instant are the actions that will create your future results. In order to change your actions to achieve the results you want, you have to get to the root cause of your behaviour. You have to shift your Paradigm.

It’s a process to do that but it’s actually quite fun. Once you understand how the Paradigm is formed you can understand how to shift it.