When I tell people that they are creative by nature they’ll argue that point with me saying things like, “I’m not creative, I can’t draw, sing or write.  I have no artistic abilities at all.”  That’s when I tell them I’m not talking about artistic abilities at all.  I’m talking about the creative nature that is at the core of our consciousness and is SCREAMING to be expressed.  

I ask them if they feel that there is something more for them to do if there’s a yearning to experience more, do more, be more, have more and most of them tell me there is.  That’s the creative being within you letting you know you’re capable of doing whatever you want to be who you want to be, have what you want to have, and CREATE those ideas in reality.  Literally manifest your dreams and goals.

We’re all creative.  Think about it.  The thoughts you have are yours and yours alone.  Are they empowering or are they limiting?  Are you experiencing a limited life because of your thoughts, or are you living an empowered life because of your thoughts?  Are you imagining a life of what you want or are you imagining a life of bad outcomes?

How are you using your creativity?  Positively or negatively?  Everything, in reality, starts as an idea.  An idea is a thought.  Is it a positive idea?  Will it help you achieve what you want?  Is this idea of benefit to your life, your business, your job, your family, your community?  Then you are using your creativity correctly.

Now, what do you want to create?  You have a God-like ability to change your life if it’s not in alignment with your dreams.  You have the ability to create your dreams just as Van Gough did.  He said, “I dream my painting and then I paint my dream.”  The Wright Brothers dreamed of manned flight and look at what we can do now.

Everything starts with an idea.  Which is a creation of thought.