I get it!  We work hard.  We struggle. We trudge through life.  We experience occasional successes compared to what society has programmed us to believe success is.  We get tired of struggling.  We may have grown our companies to a large group of people and then downsized to something we think is “more manageable” and stay there. We get complacent with things as they are.  We start sabotaging our growth because we focus more on the bottom line and past experiences and say to ourselves, “Where I am is good enough.”

But we still feel unfulfilled.  We’re still looking for more. Our habit of thinking “Where I am is good enough.” now causes stagnation and is completely against our DNA programming.  We are goal achievers by nature.  Without a goal, we become sick.  Complacence is a cause of that sickness.

Have you ever wondered “Is this all there is?”, “Why am I not fulfilled?”, “Why do I feel so dissatisfied?”?  Then there’s room for growth.  We are meant to stretch our talents and abilities.  We are meant to figure out why we are on this planet and how we can help others while we’re here.  These are empowering questions to ask.

Instead of asking small questions like, “Why is this happening to me?”, or “Who’s fault is this?” when something unsavory comes into our lives we can ask, “What is the good in this that I cannot presently see?”, “What is trying to unfold in this situation?”, “What can I learn here so that I can profit from it?”.  You’ll get answers that you won’t believe currently. But when you start to see that life passes you tests so you can learn that’s when your life starts to make sense and your happiness increases and your prosperity increases and your relationships increase.  You start to love more, laugh more, and feel like you’re are stepping into the huge person you really are.

Don’t settle.  Be dissatisfied.  Look for co-creative methods of increasing your prosperity in all aspects of life.