I love this term and I wish I had coined it.  But I didn’t.  I think the first time that I read this term was from reading Think and Grow Rich.  I love this term because, to my experience, there is nothing more fulfilling than watching someone you’re connected with becoming more prosperous because of something you made them aware of or taught them.  The benefits are amazing not just in your prosperity but in your overall life.  You gather more friends, your possibilities increase, and the joy and happiness you experience are phenomenal.

So what is co-creation did I hear you ask?  It’s simply giving.  Giving freely of your talents, not expecting anything in return.  No, this isn’t one-sided.  The fact is that life is a game of boomerangs.  What you put out you get back and often times in spades!  This is the principle at the root of a Mastermind.  You, and at least one other person, come together as a group for the mutual benefit of all concerned.  You’re creating Win-Win situations for everyone in your Mastermind group.  They benefit from your talents and abilities, you grow in making your talents and abilities stronger and greater, and you benefit from their talents and abilities when you need their help.

So what kind of Masterminds are you involved in now?  Are you married?  Do you have children?  There’s a perfect place to start.  Start asking your spouse what they want and ask them to let you help them achieve it.  Same with your kids.  Ask your spouse and kids to be an accountability partner to help you achieve all that you want.  

Do you own a business?  How many teams do you have?  You can convert your teams into co-creative Mastermind groups and watch your profitability soar!  If your teams are coming to work just to punch a clock and do an assigned task, they’re just working.  But if you and your Mastermind groups come to work toward a common goal that benefits all in a win-win situation, you’re co-creating and your Mastermind groups become more efficient, happier, and prosperous in turn.  Your products or services will start to flow out the door so fast you won’t know what hit you.

Co-creation surpasses micromanagement by miles!  You’re not sitting down for hours trying to think of ways to cut corners, improve productivity, and figure out who to assign what task to.  You’re spending less time in your office and more time doing things to grow your business.

Thinking Into Results has a track record of increasing the prosperity of anyone or any company that makes the investment in time and money to a point that staggers the imagination.  It is the most powerful personal development course ever invented.  No one else can teach these principles better than Bob Proctor.  If you’re ready to create a healthier, happier, hugely prosperous life then taking this course is the right choice for you.  You can study it on your own or you get my coaching to guide you and act as your accountability partner to help you get exactly what you want.

Make a decision and you’ll have calmness.  Make a decision to improve the quality of your life and you won’t regret it.