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Success 2020 Blog The Ogre or the Sh…….ih Tzu


Are You Facing A Success Ogre? How big is your Paradigm? Do you know that you have a Paradigm? Yeah... You do! Everyone has them but 95% of the global population are totally oblivious to it. It hides in our subconscious mind where it lives happily controlling 96% to 98% of our behavior? The Paradigm [...]

Success 2020 Blog The Ogre or the Sh…….ih Tzu2020-05-01T08:57:21-04:00

Success Blog 2020 You Have to Do It By Yourself, But You Can’t Do It Alone


You have to do it by yourself but you can’t do it alone There has never been a truer statement.  How many millionaires do you know who did it all by themselves?  All wealthy people rely on teams of people to help them attain the wealth they desire.  They become exceptional leaders.  But they couldn’t [...]

Success Blog 2020 You Have to Do It By Yourself, But You Can’t Do It Alone2020-05-01T08:57:21-04:00

Success Blog 2020 Setting a Plan and Taking Action


Setting a Plan and Taking Action What is a plan anyway?  Just a list of steps someone thinks they need to take in order to succeed at manifesting any mission or goal.  So how hard is it to create a plan?  I think it’s dead easy.  It’s a matter of getting into a really relaxed [...]

Success Blog 2020 Setting a Plan and Taking Action2020-05-01T08:57:21-04:00

Success 2020 Blog GOALS


Now that you know how to do the 3Rs it’s time to use that exercise in creating a goal.  You’ve seen all the good things that you have in your life now ask yourself, “How can I grow from this?  What more can I do?” and write that down.  Here’s the secret to creating an [...]

Success 2020 Blog GOALS2020-05-01T08:57:21-04:00

Success 2020 Blog 3Rs


The 3Rs. What are the 3Rs?  Simply, Review, Rethink and Rewrite.  It’s a process, that if you do it on a regular basis, will give you huge advantages in business and your personal life.  As the year draws to a close, it’s IMPERATIVE that you and your teams perform this incredibly important exercise.  Without doing [...]

Success 2020 Blog 3Rs2020-05-01T08:57:21-04:00

Success 2020 Blog Intro


Intro Have you manifested all that you set out to achieve at the first of 2019?  Everyone is in the same groove of hitting January 1, looking at the income from the past year and trying to determine how to increase income by 5 to 10%.  Does that sound familiar?  Well, January 1 is fast [...]

Success 2020 Blog Intro2020-05-01T08:57:21-04:00

How Are You Inspiring Your Team?


There’s a huge difference in the size of the bottom line between companies that motivate employees and those that inspire team members.  The bottom line of any company is dependent on how many people the company serves.  That’s not just your customers it’s also your company’s biggest asset.  Your people.  You’re serving your people by [...]

How Are You Inspiring Your Team?2020-05-01T08:57:21-04:00

Are You On Track To Finish 2019 BIG?


Are You On Track to Finish 2019 Strong? It’s amazing how our Paradigm really controls us.  We set up goals to achieve at the beginning of the year and each quarter we look to see if we’re making it happen.  A lot of people, or companies, fail to achieve all that they want because of [...]

Are You On Track To Finish 2019 BIG?2020-05-01T08:57:21-04:00

Are You Using Your Imagination Correctly?


Imagine all the bad things that are going on in your life.  How devastating it would be if you continued to receive the same circumstances, the same results, over and over and over again?  How hard is it to imagine this?  I’ll tell you from first-hand experience that it’s damn easy, it's lazy thinking by [...]

Are You Using Your Imagination Correctly?2020-05-01T08:57:21-04:00
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