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The Body is Emotional


I had a very interesting idea the other day.  I wrote an article entitled, “Thoughts, Feelings, Action, Results” and it came to me during a radio interview that our bodies are driven not by thoughts but by feelings.  This means that no matter what our conscious thoughts are, our bodies will act according to our [...]

The Body is Emotional2021-05-10T05:25:47-04:00

Go with Your Gut


A lot of people seem to think that “Going with Your Gut” is simply following instincts.  Doing what our animal being thinks is what should be done, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Going with your gut is intuition.  It’s going with what feels right.  And what most of us do when we’re [...]

Go with Your Gut2021-05-05T06:10:13-04:00

I Am Mind


I don’t own a mind, I am mind.  Think about that for a bit.  Where do your thoughts come from?  Your brain is the first answer that’ll come to your thoughts but your brain is just another organ in your body.  It’s a translator and electrical switching station the likes of which we can only [...]

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I love this term and I wish I had coined it.  But I didn’t.  I think the first time that I read this term was from reading Think and Grow Rich.  I love this term because, to my experience, there is nothing more fulfilling than watching someone you’re connected with becoming more prosperous because of [...]


Success is Not a Secret.  Success is a System


That’s right!  It’s a system, but it requires a complete change in mindset to make the system work.  If you’re like most business operators you started your company to replace your income.  You’ve learned as much as possible from your mentor and now you have all the skills and knowledge necessary to start your own [...]

Success is Not a Secret.  Success is a System2021-04-27T05:07:10-04:00

Self-Image and Team Self-Image


Teams: Teams are made up of individuals but as a group, a team also has a self-image. Most teams verbally say that they are working on the same thing but they rarely get the results they could have if they actually were working together.  That’s because the team is fractionalized.  Some of the people within [...]

Self-Image and Team Self-Image2021-04-21T06:35:47-04:00

Wealth Consciousness


Are you spending money, or are you circulating it?   There’s a huge difference.  The idea of spending comes from a lack mindset.  You spend money and it’s gone.  It’s definite.  There is no recovery.  You often wonder how much overtime you need to work in order to regain the money you just spent.  How [...]

Wealth Consciousness2021-04-20T05:23:55-04:00



“Pain pushes until the vision pulls” ~ Reverend Doctor Michael Bernard Beckwith I love that saying.  The pain pushes until the vision pulls.  We’re not talking about physical pain, although pain on a mental level will create physical pain in the body and on the spiritual plane as well. Overthinking, micromanaging, bottom line blindness, are [...]




Who’s side are you on?  Are you the victim of your circumstances or are you the person that conquers your circumstances and comes out on top every time?  It’s not hard to become the second type of person.  It’s a matter of changing perspective. What you see in your circumstances is what you’ll get in [...]




One of the hardest things to do is climb stairs looking backward.  You keep falling to the bottom because you can’t see the next step.  That’s what happens in our lives when we allow guilt, regret, remorse, and resentment to fill our thoughts and unfortunately, that’s where 95% of the world’s population live. Feelings of [...]

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