Have you ever been, and I know you have, in a mindset of worry and doubt how little your bottom line holds and how much you’re about to lose?

If you answered no, YOU’RE A LIAR because we all do it at some point or another.  But when the worry and doubt become habitual it causes all kinds of ailments including blindness.  Blindness toward future possibilities of a positive outcome.

Fear is the offspring of worry and doubt.  Fear is a mental state that creates anxiety and if anxiety is experienced often enough the mind starts to shut down and lose focus on what’s important like where your life is going.  Watching the bottom line and worrying about where the next bit of income is coming from will literally paralyze people from taking action in a positive direction because they fear losing more money. Ask me how I know.

The bottom line, found on spreadsheets or bank statements, shows you where your company, or your personal wealth, is at a particular point in time.  If it’s really good software you use, it’ll show you where the company was 1 second ago. 

Watching the bottom line

Is like looking in reverse because we tend to use the growth in your bottom line over any period in the past to predict what you can do in the future is not really what your company’s possible growth can be.  You can’t use past growth to predict future growth.  I once had a girlfriend that said that past actions will be future actions and believe it or not, I’m not with her anymore.  If you don’t learn from past actions, you’ll never make changes to have the future you want.  And if you keep looking down at the bottom line you’ll never see what possibilities are right in front of you.

That’s right.  The future YOU WANT!  When you have Bottom Line Blindness you cannot hope to see the possibilities that lie before you.  The question now is, WHAT DO YOU WANT?  Without a clear and definite purpose or goal to achieve, you’ll drift.  You’ll flounder and your Bottom Line Blindness will adversely affect your business and your personal life.  It’s imperative you set your sights on the future and surround yourself with everyone that wants to help you achieve that goal.

This really requires a total shift of your mindset.  Shifting a mindset is a matter of practice.  You have to invest time and money in order to do that.  But if Bottom Line Blindness is affecting you then chances are you’ll never make either investment.  Bottom Line Blindness is a chronic dis-ease.  It’s habitual thinking.  It pops into your mind when you’re not occupying your mind with working toward a goal.  Habits can be changed by replacing old bad habitual thoughts and ideas with good new ideas and thoughts.  But the effort required to do the replacing is often something that someone with Bottom Line Blindness (BLB) won’t make.

The Cure for BLB.

Set a goal.  Something you really want.  Something you have a burning desire to have or achieve.  A good personal goal would be something like increasing your bottom line by $1,000.00 per month.  Or a professional goal of increasing the bottom line of your company by $500,000 in one year.  Obtainable goals.  Goals that are reasonable.  But they’re uninspiring. You know or think you can do it.  

Setting a goal should be HUGE!  

It should be something you’ve never done before, have no idea of how to do it, be something you’ll only do once and it will make you grow through the effort of trying to get there.  That’s a great goal.  $1,000,000 personally and $10,000,000 professionally.  Grow your company or your personal wealth.  Would you like that?  Don’t lie!  You know you would. 

Now write it down! 

Write it down in a clear and concise picture of words.  Share your image with everyone you know will help you get there.  Good close friends that have skills and knowledge that will help you.  Staff and employees that want to help and listen to their ideas to co-create your goal.  You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll achieve what you want by staying laser focussed on your end result and paying very little attention to the bottom line.  Yup, you have to know where you’re at but that’s all.  Don’t linger on it, don’t focus on it, leave it alone to grow.

Focus on your goal and brainstorm with your teams on how you all can make it happen.  You have to do it yourself but you can’t do it alone.

Remember that worry is unconscious thought that is praying for a negative outcome.  We NEED to eliminate worry and doubt, thereby eliminating fear from our minds.