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“Pain pushes until the vision pulls” ~ Reverend Doctor Michael Bernard Beckwith I love that saying.  The pain pushes until the vision pulls.  We’re not talking about physical pain, although pain on a mental level will create physical pain in the body and on the spiritual plane as well. Overthinking, micromanaging, bottom line blindness, are [...]




Who’s side are you on?  Are you the victim of your circumstances or are you the person that conquers your circumstances and comes out on top every time?  It’s not hard to become the second type of person.  It’s a matter of changing perspective. What you see in your circumstances is what you’ll get in [...]




One of the hardest things to do is climb stairs looking backward.  You keep falling to the bottom because you can’t see the next step.  That’s what happens in our lives when we allow guilt, regret, remorse, and resentment to fill our thoughts and unfortunately, that’s where 95% of the world’s population live. Feelings of [...]




Just like your body needs exercise to stay healthy and strong, your mind needs to do the same.  I can speak from experience that if we let our minds atrophy, the damage can become very painful and cause our lives to be failure after failure. So how does one exercise the mind? It’s simply becoming [...]




Time is our most precious asset.  How are you spending your time?  We have a bad idea in our society that there's a limited amount of money and we have all the time in the universe to accumulate it.  The fact is we have a limited amount of time on this physical plane to accumulate [...]




When I tell people that they are creative by nature they’ll argue that point with me saying things like, “I’m not creative, I can’t draw, sing or write.  I have no artistic abilities at all.”  That’s when I tell them I’m not talking about artistic abilities at all.  I’m talking about the creative nature that [...]


Complacence. The Death of Growth


I get it!  We work hard.  We struggle. We trudge through life.  We experience occasional successes compared to what society has programmed us to believe success is.  We get tired of struggling.  We may have grown our companies to a large group of people and then downsized to something we think is “more manageable” and [...]

Complacence. The Death of Growth2021-04-10T07:37:30-04:00



The Most POWERFUL Nation in the World Through imagination, one can literally predict their future.  What do you want?  What do you want your life to look like?  What lifestyle do you want to live?  How big do you want your company to be?  How many employees do you want to help reach their professional [...]


Tradespeople and Profits


In my many years of being involved in the technical trades, and it’s been a while, I have seen small companies start and stop.  Some fail within a few months of opening, most fail within 5 years of opening and only a few exceptional companies grow into huge organizations.  The difference is that the businesses [...]

Tradespeople and Profits2021-04-03T06:30:03-04:00

Bottom Line Blindness


Have you ever been, and I know you have, in a mindset of worry and doubt how little your bottom line holds and how much you’re about to lose? If you answered no, YOU’RE A LIAR because we all do it at some point or another.  But when the worry and doubt become habitual it [...]

Bottom Line Blindness2021-02-13T07:11:02-05:00
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