Imagine all the bad things that are going on in your life.  How devastating it would be if you continued to receive the same circumstances, the same results, over and over and over again?  How hard is it to imagine this?  I’ll tell you from first-hand experience that it’s damn easy, it’s lazy thinking by the way, and 95% of the earth’s population does it, and does it quite often and with remarkably accurate results.  Using your imagination in this manner is a sure-fire way to manifest more of the same.

Now try to imagine how your life would be if you experienced the life of your dreams.  Imagine having all the time and money you need to look after your needs and have some leftover to help someone else.  Can you do it?  Or do you dismiss it?  Do you hear yourself saying, “It’s a pipe-dream.  I’ll NEVER have that.  Only lucky people get that and I don’t have that kind of luck.  Those people that live like that are just in the right place at the right time.”?  This is the type of noise that occupies your mind, limiting beliefs that we were conditioned to have, and stops you cold from having what you want. There’s a ton of factors involved but the imagination is where it starts.  Whether we’re imagining all the bad things to come or all the great things we want, that’s what we’ll get.

We have two types of imagination.  The first is our “Synthetic Imagination”.  That’s the imagination we were taught to use.  We were conditioned to believe that our knowledge gives us all that we need.  The more we know, the more we earn.  People go to schools for years studying things that will give them a designation of some sort.  They learned to use their synthetic imagination to take one bit of knowledge from something they learned, then take another bit of knowledge from something else they learned and create something different.  Not something NEW.  Something different. Innovation does NOT come from the synthetic imagination.

The second type of imagination is the “Creative Imagination”.  This imagination is where dreams develop.  We used it freely when we were children.  Then we grew and we started to learn.  But we forgot to use our creative imagination.  Our creative imagination is also known as our fantasy.  But if you were to say to an adult today, “What’s your fantasy?” you’d likely get some sort of description of a bedroom activity and there’d be no correlation to the fantasy of how people would like to have their results to be.

Imagine winning the lottery.  What a great fantasy right?  But, “I’ll never have that.  I don’t have that kind of luck.  I’d need a winning ticket.” Is what you tell yourself.  All the things that our conditioning gives us as excuses to stop us from stepping out of our comfort zones to have.  Here’s some awesome news!  If you want the fantasy, you can have it.  All you have to do is keep the fantasy in the forefront of your mind, create a plan for its acquisition and then taking action on the plan.  But our conditioning will stand in our way.

We’ve been using our imagination in such a poor way, thinking about our current results over and over again, for so long the limiting thoughts get literally implanted in our subconscious mind, in the Paradigm, so deeply that we will likely never take action on the plan.  Or if we do, we’ll try something and if we step out of our comfort zone to take a step toward our goal, the Paradigm will cause us to feel sick and anxious and we RUN back to the comfort zone.

Using your fantasy on a consistent basis is the key to having exactly what you want.  Keep doing it.  It’s called setting a goal.  Keep your goal in the forefront of your mind.  Write it out every day.  Read it as often as you can every day.  Take action on your plan and make it happen.  Dreams do come true if you want it bad enough.

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