Are You On Track to Finish 2019 Strong?

It’s amazing how our Paradigm really controls us.  We set up goals to achieve at the beginning of the year and each quarter we look to see if we’re making it happen.  A lot of people, or companies, fail to achieve all that they want because of one simple fact.  The Paradigm hasn’t shifted.  What’s a Paradigm is probably the question you’re asking.  That’s ok, don’t worry about not knowing.  95% of the earth’s population doesn’t know that the Paradigm exists or are consciously aware that they have a subconscious mind where the Paradigm likes to hide.

The Paradigm is a nest of habits that we’ve accumulated during the course of our lives.  A habit is an idea or a group of ideas that are fixed in the subconscious mind.  These ideas encompass our beliefs, our logic, our self-image and a host of other ideas that control our behavior.  Did you know that 96% to 98% of our behavior is habitual?  You’d be able to realize that if you take a look at the routine that you get into every morning when you get up.  What leg do you put into your pants first?  What hand do you use the most?  What’s the first thing you do when you get up?  Then all through the day, you do the same things.  A lot of people keep doing the same thing and pray for a change when they look at their pay stub.  Well if we want a bigger paycheque, we’ll need to be more effective with what we do.

The knowing/doing gap is constantly increasing.  When we made our goal in the earlier part of the year it may have included learning something new, attending a seminar or a conference and spending a large amount of money for the investment to attend those.  You go to the conference, you receive more knowledge, you get excited about using the knowledge when you get back and a few short weeks after returning you realize that you’re not using that knowledge effectively at all.  That’s your Paradigm sucking you back into the behavior you’re programmed with.  Closing the knowing/doing gap is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your bottom line.  When you use more of the knowledge you already have, you become more effective and therefore more valuable to your company.

Have you ever procrastinated?  You know that you need to take care of something or another but you think, “I’ll take care of that as soon as I clean my desk.” Or something along those lines.  Guess who’s at the bottom of that?  YOU’RE RIGHT! The effin’, stinkin’, rotten, and insidious PARADIGM!

The Paradigm can be tamed and readjusted and if done correctly will allow you to achieve anything you really want.  Personal Development is the science that gives us the knowledge we need to unlock our infinite creative mind and give us all the power necessary to make things happen.

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