My name is Steve Bredschneider and I’ve been studying under Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher since September 7th, 2013. That’s the day my life turned around. It’s been an amazing and magical journey and I wouldn’t trade who I’ve become for anything.

I hit the lowest point in my life in July of 2013. I was sick, depressed, overweight and trying desperately to change my life but I was doing it all wrong. I was trying alcohol, drugs, sexcapades, and a variety of exciting things that gave me instant gratification but really wasn’t changing anything. I had no direction. I was a drifter. I got in the wrong side of the river, swimming against the current and living a slow death. That’s when Thinking Into Results came into my life.

I started studying like a scientist. Within 2 weeks of starting the program I could already see changes happening. By the time I was finished the 24-week program I had a purpose, a goal, a plan, and a team of people helping me manifest my dreams. I fell in love with the material that I was studying and I decided to become a certified consultant for the Proctor Gallagher Institute so that I could pass this amazing knowledge on to others.

I started True Results Consulting in 2015 and every one of my clients have experienced amazing results in their lives. Let’s talk about changing your results into the results you want.  Let’s get you Thinking Into Results.


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