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As a result of working with True Results Consulting our clients become healthier, wealthier, and more prosperous in every aspect of their lives, empowering them with the ability to enlighten and improve the lives of everyone that surround them to have the same results, thus creating a ripple effect through generations

There is a science to goal achievement. It’s not done by luck or chance. It’s done intentionally.

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“How is it that so many people will invest in cars and homes and businesses and never think about investing in themselves? How can anyone become successful following that approach?” ~ Bob Proctor

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True Results Consulting is proud to be offering many personal and professional development programs created by the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher

Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice.

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Over 57 years of experience in personal development, Bob Proctor is a master at teaching others how to achieve amazing results in short periods of time.

Investing in yourself yields greater rewards than investing in material things.



There’s a science to achieving success. It’s not based on hope or wish, it’s based on knowledge and understanding.


We show you how to break away from old business models and create one that will increase your bottom line exponentially.


Whether your business is well established or a startup we can show you how to achieve everything you want by design and intention


The relationship doesn’t end at the end of a program. We become a permanent resource for you or you and your company.

What Clients Say

I want to take a moment to thank Steve for his commitment to me as a client. When I Have a question or challenge he is there and ready to help. On the other side if it Steve also seems to know when to check in with me and reach out via a call or text. His interest in his clients is genuine and his efforts driven by sincere interest in our growth and understanding. Thank you, Steve, for your mentorship.

– Jenny Kuspira

Steve is very passionate about seeing you succeed! He is very knowledgeable and incorporates every aspect of his experience and knowledge to help you build and grow.

-Brandy Graham-Knapp

Steve from True Results Consulting is a game changer for any aspect of your life. If your feeling like your stuck in a rut or just not able to get past what ever is holding you back then give Steve a call. Not only will he help you change your mindset to achieve and maintain your goals but he will also help you stay motivated and moving forward. All you need to do is sit down with him and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Thanks Steve.

-Mike Barbosa

Steve is such a positive, well spoken person. He will motivate you to succeed in life and as a person.

-Shawna Misiuda

Steve is a great communicator. He is encouraging and sets out guidelines that enables people change their mindset and overcome obstacles.

-Sherri Barna

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